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See what some of my guests and listeners have to say about Intimate Conversations Live...

“The conversation with Dain was great. I get so tired of the predictable radio show hosts who are craving attention. You and Dain sparked off each other in a genuine, inspiring way. It was delicious to hear ;-) See you in Marina del Rey!”
PAM FREE, Listener, California
“Great interview with Larry Michael. I can say with conviction from personal experience that his genetic energetics science is totally accurate. This conversation gave the best description I've yet heard of the difference between 'mental emotional' and 'physical' sexual response types. Thank you Allana for interviewing Larry again.”
PETE BURCH, Listener, Rochester, Medway, United Kingdom
“I just joined, so I have only listened to one interview - the one with Adam Gilad. It was a great conversation. No matter if you are single, in a relationship, or married, there were some great takeaways. One of the key ones was a reinforcement of something I have always believed - you have to be willing to not know something when you plunge in. I also liked the emphasis on being receptive and letting people in. I plan to not miss any of these conversations.”
JEFF COLE, Listener, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
“This is great, Oriana! Tell her I absolutely loved the call. It was one of the easiest, most inspiring, and most connected interviews I have ever had. We shall meet someday for sure!”
ZAN PERRION, The Ars Amorata, Vancouver, British Columbia
“I love your series! Already I have acquired so many resources that are helping me out. It is an answer to my prayers. Your real love for the people is amazing. You are so open about your life. You have inspired me to start a new journey in my life, so much could be possible.”
TONI, Avid Listener, Ireland
”That really was a jolt of happiness for me!
You DO ask great questions - you made me think - and I think I've said things I never have before.”
ADAM GILAD, CEO, Gilad Creative Media, Inc., Topanga, California